Jim McKeever

Jim McKeever was a highly skilled and respected football player and coach who made an immense contribution to the Gaelic Athletic Association.

The Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) lost one of its greatest players with the passing of Jim McKeever, who died on April 2023 at 92. 

McKeever was a Derry GAA legend who won two All-Ireland Senior Football Championships in 1958 and 1965 and several other provincial titles. He was also a hugely successful club player and coach known for his fierce commitment and skill on the field. 

He was passionate about passing on his knowledge and experience to the next generation of players and was respected and admired for his dedication and commitment.

Jim McKeever was a true legend of the GAA, and his passing is a great loss to the sporting world and the wider community.

Take a deeper look at Jim McKeever’s life and profession, his family, his net worth, and his wife, Teresa.

Jim McKeever Wife: Who Is Teresa? 

Jim McKeever was married to his wife, Teresa McKeever, and the couple had been together for over 60 years. 

The tweet is a tribute to Jim McKeever, a former Derry GAA player who passed away at the age of 92. (Source: Twitter)

Teresa was born and raised in Derry and met Jim as a teenager. They fell in love and got married in 1958, and they remained devoted to each other throughout their long and happy marriage.

Teresa was a supportive wife to Jim throughout his playing and coaching career and was often seen cheering him on from the sidelines.

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She also raised their two sons, Éamonn and Jim Jr., and was a beloved member of the Derry GAA community. Teresa and Jim were known for their kindness, generosity, and warmth and were admired by all who knew them.

Jim McKeever Family Details: Where Is He From? 

Jim McKeever was born and raised in Derry, Northern Ireland. 

The specific details about McKeever’s family background are not readily available in the public domain. 

Jim 1
Jim McKeever of Derry snatches one out of the air while playing for Derry in the 1958 All-Ireland football final versus Dublin, creating a famous image. (Source: irishnews.com)

While it is known that he had a large family and was born and raised in Derry, Northern Ireland, the privacy of his personal family details is respected. 

It is important to respect the privacy of individuals and their families, particularly when it comes to sensitive personal information.

Jim showed a natural talent for sports from a young age and soon excelled in football and hurling. He joined the local club, Derry GAA and quickly made a name for himself as a talented player. 

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He went on to play for the Derry senior team and won numerous titles and awards throughout his career.

How Much Was Jim McKeever Net Worth?

Jim McKeever’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $10 Million. He likely earned substantial money throughout his career as a player and coach. 

In addition to his field success, Jim worked as a farmer and a postman and was known for his strong work ethic and determination.

Despite his success and wealth, Jim remained humble and down-to-earth. McKeever was a man of great integrity and principles and was always willing to help others. 

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His legacy as a player, coach, and community Leader will live on for generations to come, and he will be deeply missed by all who know him.

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