Karen Read Arrested

Karen Read was arrested in January 2022 and charged with causing the death of her boyfriend, Boston Police Officer John O’Keefe.

The defense attorneys for Karen Read, accused of killing her Police officer boyfriend with an SUV in Massachusetts last year, claimed that there is evidence indicating that someone else may have committed the crime. 

However, they argued that prosecutors withhold crucial information related to the case. They claimed that evidence from an animal control office and cell phone data would disprove the prosecution’s version of events. 

It will also point to friends of the slain Boston Police officer, John O’Keefe, who they allege beat him to death and framed Read for the crime.

Karen Read Arrested And Charged: What Did She Do?

Karen Read was arrested and charged with hitting her Police officer boyfriend, John O’Keefe, with an SUV in January 2022 outside a fellow officer’s home hosting a gathering. 

During a court hearing, Karen Read’s lawyer, Alan Jackson, presented an autopsy photo of John O’Keefe. (Source: cbsnews.com)

John’s body was found in a pile of snow outside the home. The defense attorneys of Karen Read claimed that the prosecution’s version of events was inaccurate and that there was evidence indicating that someone else committed the crime.

They suggested that O’Keefe was beaten inside the home and that his body was dumped outside. 

The defense team pointed to wounds on O’Keefe’s arms as evidence that the officer’s dog attacked him during the fight.

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On the other hand, the prosecution argued that the doctor who pronounced O’Keefe dead found no evidence suggesting that he was involved in a fight.

Karen Read Accused Of Hitting Officer John O’Keefe

Karen Read, a Massachusetts woman, has been accused of causing the death of her Police officer boyfriend, John O’Keefe, by fatally striking him with an SUV in January 2022. 

Karen Read was surrounded by a crowd as she exited Norfolk Superior Court in Dedham. (Source: bostonherald.com)

According to authorities, O’Keefe was found dying in a snowbank beside the driveway of a friend’s House, where he had been drinking the night before. The Police claimed that Read discovered O’Keefe’s body the next morning, and she was subsequently named the prime suspect in his death.

The Police accused Read of hitting O’Keefe while driving under the influence of alcohol, leaving him to die as she backed out of the driveway. 

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However, defense attorneys for Read have raised doubts about the prosecution’s theory and claim that there is evidence to suggest that someone else could have committed the crime.

Prosecution’s Response To Karen Read Case

In April, the defense team representing Karen Read claimed to have found evidence indicating not only her innocence but also the involvement of others in Officer O’Keefe’s death. 

To support this, they filed a motion requesting additional discovery, including an analysis of cell phone data from two people linked to the property where O’Keefe died.

However, the Norfolk District Attorney’s Office claimed that the defense failed to demonstrate the relevance of these requests and argued that they were made in bad faith. 

The DA’s office referred to the requests as a “fishing expedition” and claimed they were based on speculation and conjecture regarding a purported conspiracy among witnesses.

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The prosecution provided evidence that the iPhone in question was being used to browse a youth basketball website at the time, contradicting the defense’s claim.

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